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" Including human people, critters are in each other’s presence, or better, inside each other’s tubes, folds, and crevices, insides and outsides, and not quite either. The decisions and transformations so urgent in our times for learning again, or for the first time, how to become less deadly, more response-able, more attuned, more capable of surprise, more able to practice the arts of living and dying well in multispecies symbiosis, sympoeisis, and symanimagenesis on a damaged planet, must be made without guarantees or the expectation of harmony with those who are not oneself – and not safely other, either. Neither One nor Other, that is who we all are and always have been. "                          Donna Haraway  So. Again. Restless, waiting to find the thing to bring and here it is: dragonflies hunt a sunlit clearing in a stand of young wattles. There, on a carpet of dusty grasses among clumps of sedge and cranberry heath and nibbled coprosma, tiger-coloured butterflies