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              Daowu and Jianyuan went to a house to offer condolences. Jianyuan struck the coffin with his hand                and asked, “Alive or dead?”               Daowu said, “I’m not saying alive, I’m not saying dead.”               Jianyuan asked, “Why won’t you say?”               Daowu said, “I’m not saying! I’m not saying!”               On the way home, Jianyuan stopped in the middle of the road and demanded, “Tell me right now, Teacher.                If you don’t say, I’m going to hit you and leave.”               Daowu said, “You can hit me, but even if you do, I still won’t say.” Jianyuan hit him.                                                                                                                         Blue Cliff Record, Case 55 Dark days, cold and wet with sleet and snow, carried on winds that blow from the south for weeks as a high pressure system sits to the west, blocking the movement of fronts that could shift the airflow. Every morning at daylight, e