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          que nadie lo miraba,           Aminadab tampoco parecía,           y el cerco sosegaba,           y la caballería           a vista de las aguas descendía.                                                     and there was no one watching,           neither did Aminadab appear,           the siege was lifting,           and the horsemen,           at the sight of the waters,           came riding down                                           Cántico spiritual, San Juan de la Cruz In 1504, in his early twenties, Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad Babur, descendent of Genghis Khan and of Timur, having been driven from his hereditary seat in what is now Uzbekistan, seized the city of Kabul. He made it the base from which he established the Mughal empire, comprising what is today northern Afghanistan, Kashmir, Assam, Bangladesh and most of India.  A love of war and literature  was   Babur’s inheritance. His father, Umar Shaikh Mirzar II, ‘a ruler of high ambition … always bent on conquest … [